Video update on the week's activities

A member of the online mentoring team has provided feedback on the week’s activities via a near real-time video update on our YouTube Channel.

Watch the video review here by Josh Underwood.

Dunlap, J., Bose, D., Lowenthal, P. R., York, C. S., Atkinson, M., & Murtagh, J. (in press). What sunshine is to flowers: A literature review on the use of emoticons to support online learning. To appear in Emotions, Design, Learning and Technology Elsevier.

A manifesto for teaching online - a talk by Professor Sian Bayne given at the 11th annual LLAS elearning symposium, 21-22 January 2016

Diane Larsen-Freeman on an ecological perspective and Teaching with Affordances - a talk given at the IATEFL conference 2016

IATEFL 2016 online

Anderson, J. (2015). Affordance, learning opportunities, and the lesson plan pro forma ELT Journal, ccv008.

Lier, L. V. (2007). Action-based teaching, autonomy and identity International Journal of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching,1(1), 46-65.

We need to talk about LX by Nick Robinson.

Webinar: An introduction to LX Design for ELT

Virtual Worlds for language learning

Google Cardboard

VR Expeditions program

Technology & innovation in pedagogy: English Agenda Language Futures talk - Video number 4

Language Futures

Conversations to join!

Technology & language evolution conversation

Comments discussing connectivism and the need for critical perspective

Is it possible to learn a language entirely online & duolingo?

Continue the conversation

If you would like to continue your discussions about language teaching once the course has finished, then we invite you to join a closed Facebook group which is run by the British Council for MOOC participants on all their courses. It is a place where we can continue to share ideas and experiences amongst colleagues and friends.

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