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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsHello. Welcome to week five. This week, we'll be building on what you've learned about the impact of violence against women on survivors. We'll be exploring how that understanding and that learning is helping us to change the way professional services and society in general is responding to the issue.

Welcome to Week 5

Welcome to Week 5.

This week we will build on what you were learning in week four about the harms and impact of the various forms of VAW on those affected. This week we will look at how a greater understanding of survivors’ experiences and perpetrators’ behaviour have begun to change the way society and professionals respond to VAW. You will be watching videos, reading articles and learning about some of the key policies and guiding principles which are changing the way some societies are responding to VAW. You will also be hearing from some experts in the field who will be discussing their work and how effective it is in supporting survivors and challenging perpetrators.

I would like to remind you once again that you may find some aspects of the course distressing. I would encourage you to re-read the article about how to take care of yourself during the course and to refer to it as and when you need to this week.

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Understanding Violence Against Women: Myths and Realities

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