Skip to 0 minutes and 1 secondWelcome to the final week of the course. This week, we'll be focusing on preventing violence against women. We'll be looking at some of the approaches that have been taken over the last few years and look at some of the challenges that face those trying to prevent violence against women. And we'll be also looking at some of the progress that's been made over that time.

Welcome to Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 – the final week of the course.

This week we hope you will be able to pull together what you have learned in previous weeks as we look at some of the approaches being taken to preventing VAW. You will have the opportunity to watch videos and read articles as we explore some current examples of violence against women prevention activity and campaigns from around the world.

We will end the course by inviting you to reflect on the progress societies and communities have made in preventing violence against women and, as the course comes to an end, to share your ideas for creating a safer and more equal world for women, girls and everyone affected by sexual violence in the future.

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Understanding Violence Against Women: Myths and Realities

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