The team arrive to find a challenge in more ways than one...

In this short clip, we sees the paramedics arriving at the scene where there is a poorly looking Marley. Unfazed by the access issues, the paramedics perform an initial assessment which shows that Marley has a patent airway, he is grunting with saturations of 89% in air, he has reduced air entry on one side of the chest and wheeze on the other, and he is tachycardic. He is also pyrexial.

  • We have used the term ‘grunting’. What do we mean by grunting and what is happening when a child grunts?
  • From what you have seen in this short clip what do you think is going on here and what are your immediate priorities?
  • What practical problems do you anticipate in his management and what suggestions do you have to how you would overcome them?

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Emergency and Urgent Care for Children: a Survival Guide

University of Birmingham