Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsAlright Cam are you happy with system of ventilation? Good rise and fall, yep. We'll do a quick secondary assessment again. Oxygen levels are good, 100%. Heart rate is steady at 90, he’s still completely unresponsive.

Skip to 0 minutes and 17 secondsSo let's have a quick look. His eyes are deviating to the left now, his arms started shaking. Right ok. So it looks like he’s going into another seizure. Yes. We've given two doses of benzodiazepines, and we can't give anything else. So you maintain the airway, I’ll phone the hospital now, to do a pre alert check. Hi guys, it's Lee here, I've got a medical alert for you. We have a seven year old, male, currently in respiratory arrest, post admission of diazemuls. Sats currently are 100%, heart rate is 89. BM is 5.4. Temperature is 36.7. He's also now gone into a focal left sided seizure. So we are querying status epilepticcus. We are currently around about 15 minutes from the hospital.

Skip to 1 minute and 1 secondWe'll see you there.

The team prepare to leave

It was all going so well!

We saw the team reassessing Oscar in the house. His observations were good and so they moved him to the ambulance for admission to the nearest childrens hospital.

Once Oscar is in the ambulance he begins to have another seizure. Does this change your treatment plan?

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