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a bunch of crew and cast gather round a laptop on set
Checking shots on set is a great idea- before it's too late to do anything about it!

Introducing our Guerrilla Diaries

On this course we will not only give you an insight into how to make VFX, but also how to shoot material for VFX.

Your VFX work will be most successful if it’s part of the filming process too, and you plan ahead, rather than add it as an afterthought.

To show what goes into shooting for VFX, we recorded what we call Guerrilla Diaries that we’ve placed throughout the course. We’ll be following Director of Photography Justin Hunt from Ember Films as he creates the footage you’ll be using on the course.

Coming up next you’ll see how Justin created a shot with an actor holding a burning flare using VFX - and later this week you will try recreating the same shot yourself!

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