Virtual character design
This course is expanded upon in the book Virtual Character Design for Games and Interactive Media

Meet the team

Course Leader

The leader for the course is Dr Robin Sloan, the Programme Leader for Game Design and Production at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. Robin has a professional background in the games industry, and attained his PhD in character design for games in 2011. Since then, Robin has taught and researched game design and computer arts at Abertay University. In addition to research into the design and reception of game characters, Robin also researches game development practices and games culture, and has published articles on games nostalgia and educational games.

Robin’s book Virtual Character Design for Games and Interactive Media, published by CRC Press, greatly expands on the ideas covered in this short course.


You will also have a chance to hear from the following Abertay University academics during the course:

  1. Dr Darshana Jayemanne (Lecturer in Game Studies and Media Theory).
  2. Dr Sonia Fizek (Lecturer in Game Design).
  3. Ken Fee (Senior Lecturer in Computer Arts).
  4. Gordon Brown (Lecturer in Technical Art and Animation).
  5. Ryan Locke (Lecturer in Media Design).
  6. Clare Brennan (Lecturer in Visual Arts Practice).

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