People waiting outside of a makeshift hospital tent next to a building in Lankien, South Sudan
MSF Hospital in Lankien, South Sudan 2017

Welcome to Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 – Control in Practice

How can we monitor and evaluate control and elimination programmes to ensure that they are delivered properly and effectively?

In this final week of our course, we will examine the way activities for prompt diagnosis and treatment and control of the vector population (visited in week 2 and week 3, respectively) can operate within a tailored programme for VL control. We will visit the role of health information systems to monitor, inform and evaluate control programmes, during both routine activities and during periods of emergency (e.g. outbreak or epidemic).

We will look at how health system approaches and additional areas of intervention, such as health education and engagement with the affected communities, are critical to the success of a VL control programme. Finally, we will examine what is needed for sustainable control, particularly when approaching the elimination phase of visceral leishmaniasis as a public health problem, and VL cases diminish.

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