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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 secondsHello and a warm welcome to Week 5 of your course, Caring for Vulnerable Children. This week our main focus is thinking about what happens when children and young people are deemed to be so vulnerable and so at risk, that the assessment is made that they can't stay anymore in their family home. We begin to think about some of the possible responses that exist in relation to this. We'll consider kinship care. We think about foster care, residential care, and adoption. We'll spend a bit of time in each, exploring what each of these involves and consists of. We'll then move on to think about the Children's Hearings System.

Skip to 0 minutes and 48 secondsThe Children's Hearings System as a decision-making process, a forum that is unique to Scotland, and makes decisions about children who are deemed in need of care and protection. And we'll give you some information about thinking about who's involved in this process. What are the principles and factors that guide the Children's Hearings System. And how, would the people involved, begin to go about the decision making processes to allow them to decide what happens to children and young people within this. Again, we'll make links back to issues of vulnerability, risk, and risk management because these lie at the heart of these decisions within the Children's Hearings System. We hope that you enjoy the week.

Welcome to week 5

In week 5 we begin to consider what happens when it is assessed that children and young people are so vulnerable and at risk that they can’t continue to stay in their family home.

We will explore some of the options that exist – kinship care, foster care, residential child care, adoption – and what each consists of.

You will be introduced to the Children’s Hearings System, a process unique to Scotland that makes decisions about vulnerable children and young people. You will learn about how the process works and the basis for the decisions it makes. This will be linked back to the concepts of vulnerability and risk as these lie at the heart of the decision making process.

Enjoy the week!

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