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What will we learn?

This week our focus concerns what happens when it is assessed that children and young people are so vulnerable and at risk that they can’t continue to stay in their family home.

After completing this week you will begin to feel comfortable engaging with the following questions:

  • What alternative forms of care exist (kinship care, foster care, residential child care, adoption) and what do they consist of?
  • What is the Children’s Hearings System?
  • What happens at a Children’s Hearing?
  • What sort of decisions can be made by a Children’s Hearing?

To achieve this you will listen to talks that introduce the Children’s Hearings System and the sorts of interventions that may be implemented when children and young people can no longer stay in the family home. You will read about these different forms of intervention, the Children’s Hearings System and the demands and challenges of being a young carer. By doing this you will be able to reflect upon the different possible responses that can be enacted when caring for vulnerable children.

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Caring for Vulnerable Children

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