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What will we learn?

This week our focus turns to considering the future and the challenges involved in continuing to deliver high quality services for vulnerable children and young people and their families in the current political climate of financial austerity.

After completing this week you will begin to feel comfortable engaging with the following questions:

  • How can we see political and social discourse impact upon the formation of social policy and services for vulnerable children?
  • What are some of the outcomes for vulnerable children?
  • How can we begin to challenge the policy and discourse that repeatedly places children and young people and their families in positions of vulnerability?

To achieve this you will listen to talks about discourses of care and the reality of looking after vulnerable children. You will read articles about the politics of caring for vulnerable children, consider case studies and think further about the relationship between poverty, vulnerability and risk. By doing this you will be able to reflect upon the different ways of thinking about how we take forward services for vulnerable children and the role you can play in this personally.

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Caring for Vulnerable Children

University of Strathclyde