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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsWhat they do is they come in and they assess, do you have the capability as a company to deliver BIM Level 2 requirements because obviously anybody could say they could do it but do you actually, can you actually do it? You could potentially lie, you could try and wing it but what the BSI come in and they check your processes, your procedures, that you’ve got everything in place from a standards point of view, to be able to achieve BIM Level 2. They look at everything from what your information management structure is, what your business management system is and also, they look at what your capabilities internally, do you have BIM resource?

Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsDo you have people that are trained, what is your training platform? Off the back of that, that provides proof that you’re capable of delivering BIM Level 2, it doesn’t mean you definitely can, you still have got to go ahead and do what you have said you are going to do, but it at least provides that evidence that yes, you know, from the BSI point of view, we’ve been in, we’ve assessed Galliford Try, they can, they are capable of delivering BIM Level 2, so it’s about making sure you’re able to deliver what you are contractually obliged to deliver.

Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsWe picked up, certainly in the East Midlands, we’re on quite a few BIM Level 2 projects since the accreditation which was 2016 we got accredited. There’s Godiva Place which is not far from here which is a BIM Level 2 Project, RAF Cranwell which we have just handed over which is a full COBie delivery on that project, RAF Marham, we’re on site there are the moment, well underway, again that’s a BIM Level 2 Project and over in our West Midlands, they’ve just completed the BCU Conservatoire, so again that was a BIM Level 2 project so the accreditation helped towards all those schemes and many more that are upcoming for us as well.

The expectations for BIM accreditation

Watch the video in which Andy Ashlet discusses how industry accreditation supports the standards required to work at more advanced BIM levels.

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