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BIM-AG Unit 3

Unit 3 of BIM AG covers a wide range of topics, some of which are discussed in detail within this week’s material.

Now that you have identified some of the standards central to BIM you should now study further with BRE Academy.

After reading the supporting documents that we have shared with you, move across to BRE Academy to complete the second unit of the course.

This BRE-AG unit further defines BIM and explores the BIM maturity levels with emphasis on level two.

Lesson one Why standards are like toothbrushes

Lesson two Removing risk from document delivery

Lesson three Driving the production of information

Lesson four Putting your BIM house in order

Lesson five To COBie or not COBie

Although lesson five (COBie) is covered later in the course, because of its subject nature (asset management), you may still go through it as part of this Unit to understand the standards associated with it.

Your task

Consider the different standards used for BIM to manage information in the AEC.

What would be the best way to manage the standards and ensure compliance as BIM levels advance?

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