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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsHello from the Wellcome Genome Campus, a world-leading hub exploring genomes and biodata. Genomics has the power to transform health care. At the forefront of this revolution are many important health professionals, including genetic counsellors. Genetic counselling is an international profession that varies in subtle ways from country to country. You'll hear the perspectives of genetic counsellors from the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, and Russia. This course will be of interest to all health care professionals, and in particular nurses, and indeed, anyone seeing genomics impact their work. The course is split into six modules. Module 1 explores some of the historical reasons as to why genetic counselling exists. Understanding this history helps us appreciate the roles of genetic counsellors today.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 secondsThe profession has been around for about 50 years in some countries, and in others, it is just starting. Modules two through five will be narratives that follow patients who received genetic counselling. We will begin each story with a patient attending a genetic counselling clinic. We will then ask for your input at different points of the story, asking, what would you do next? We will finish the course with a module that explores some of the ethical issues surrounding genetic counselling, and some speculation about the future of the profession in the genomic era. Anna and I are both genetic counsellors, with clinical and research experience.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 secondsAnna is the current chair of the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors in the UK, and she also leads the Society in Ethics research team here at the Wellcome Genome campus. Together, we do research on how patients and the public make sense of genomics. And John is a clinically practicing genetic counsellor in the National Health Service in the UK, and is also a postdoctoral researcher in this space. Throughout the course, we are keen for you to share your thoughts with us. We hope you enjoy learning and look forward to hearing your perspectives.

Welcome to the Course

In this video, you will meet your Educators Anna and Jon. They will introduce you to the course

In Week 1 of this course you will learn a bit about the historical reasons genetic counselling exists.

We will then explore genetic counselling using several case studies, stories of the patients who attended genetic counselling clinics. Finally you will hear about the ethical issues surrounding genetic counselling as well as what the future for the genetic counselling profession might be.

Your input and comments are welcome at any step of this course.

Let’s begin!

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