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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsThis week we have covered a lot of information about leaders, leader role models, and leadership as a process. Hopefully, you have learned a bit more about yourself and your approach to leadership. This week was focused largely on acquiring and consolidating new and existing knowledge about leadership to answer the question-- what is it really? Next week we will shift our attention to how leadership is practiced. We will explore sources of power and how they can transform into influence. Essentially, how you can practice leadership. This will also involve an examination of leadership versus management. Next week we will go through ways in which you can influence others at work, as well as how you can negate influence attempts from other people.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsCentral to this, will be an understanding of individual differences, particularly how perceptions shape the way we view and enact leadership at work. So come with me. And let's start to think about how we can practice leadership more effectively.

What's on for next week?

You can’t be a leader without influence. And you can’t influence without power.

There are different sources of power that we can use to influence others. What’s more, not all sources of power are used for leadership. In fact, there’s a lot of power in management. To make sure you’re practicing leadership and not just management, Week 2 will be essential learning for you.

We’ll also be exploring ways in which individual differences, such as our personality, attitudes and perceptions, shape how we see and practice leadership. Understanding why you practice leadership in a unique way and see the world differently to others is extremely important for your self-awareness as a leader, as well as for your personal development in terms of becoming an even more effective leadership practitioner.

Your task

Watch the video to find out more from Andrea about what you’ll be covering in Week 2 and discover why this is essential learning for both your personal and professional development as a leader.

In the comments, share your most important takeaways from this week and you how might apply them in practice.

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