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An overview of this course

This course is the first of one of four courses that runs parallel to the 12 week SOCA1010 - Society and Culture: A Sociological Introduction at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

At the beginning and end of each week you will be asked to write down some thoughts about your current understanding of Sociology. You will also complete a Glossary at the conclusion of each week defining some key terms for that week.

You are strongly advised to keep a personal journal, it doesn’t need to be on a device. It can be an actual old-school journal with a pen or pencil, a video journal, a word processing document or an audio journal.

If you choose to use a blogging tool, FutureLearn recommends either Tumblr, Wordpress or Blogger.

Whatever tool you choose is up to you.

Record your thoughts down about each section as you come across new ideas and ideas you don’t understand. This will help you understand what you need to find out and what questions to ask in discussions and of the course educators. You can also take notes and use these thoughts for your assessment tasks.

In this first week we introduce you to the Sociological Imagination. You will view some cartoons and try to understand the social concepts and structures that inform or inspire them.

We look forward to you taking this exciting journey into Sociology with us!

On campus students are reminded to check the course program for weekly readings in this course

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What Is Sociology? An Introduction

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