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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds This week we’ll be looking at what is sociology we’ll be introducing to the discipline as a whole, and getting you to think about some key skills to take throughout the course. We particularly want you to start developing what we call a sociological imagination, and we’ll also be going over some of the basic key concepts of sociology, such as class, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity and power. So this week we’ll be introducing the very broad definitions of the important concepts that you’re going to need throughout the rest of the course.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 seconds So we’ll be defining what sociology is, talking a little bit about the methods that sociologists use and broadening that out to think about the ways that individuals relate to the broader structures of society.


Welcome to Introduction to Sociology! I look forward to exploring foundational sociological theories with you over the coming three weeks.


I invite you to introduce yourself to the other members of this course in the discussions.

In your discussion entry, provide a short biography that addresses the following:

  1. Who you are and where you are from.
  2. Why you chose sociology. What you hope to learn.
  3. What you think Sociology is about.

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