This week's task

At the end of this week, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare your own short presentation.

The scenario

A competition has been launched by the World Urban Business Development Foundation (a fictional organisation) in partnership with Ethos Industries to select different cities to host a series of international two-day events focusing on global business.

Your task is to deliver a mini-presentation pitching your local town or city to be one of these host locations.

The brief

Consider the following points for the town/city selected:

  • Brief details on the location (country, province, getting there and the main language spoken)
  • Why this location is suitable in terms of global business
  • Why this location is suitable in terms of local attractions/culture


  • The time limit for your mini-presentation is one to two minutes
  • You should not use slides for this mini-presentation
  • Film yourself delivering your presentation (making sure body language is evident)
  • Upload using the instructions found further on in the course

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