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Recording your mini-presentation

You are now invited to prepare the mini-presentation task that we gave you at the beginning of this week.

This is your opportunity to record a short presentation pitching your own local town or city to be host to a series of international two-day events focusing on global business.

While optional, this will give you a chance to practise what you have learned and get useful feedback from your peers in the following peer review.

Use the advice and guidance from the last two weeks to prepare and deliver this task. If you haven’t done so already, look back to Steps 2.2 and 2.3 at the beginning of the week to get the brief and find useful advice on recording your mini-presentation.

Here is a recap of the requirements for the task:

  • Your video should be between one and two minutes
  • You should not need to use slides for this mini-presentation
  • Film yourself delivering your presentation (making sure body language is evident)

You are encouraged to practise your short presentation and have a few attempts at recording it to make improvements as appropriate.

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