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Considering your audience

Who is your audience and how will this affect your presentation?

Your audience will influence the content and delivery of your presentation. You may have to speak to senior executives, colleagues or partners in a professional context. Perhaps you’ll be giving a presentation to a prospective employer or presenting to classmates and tutors on a business degree course.

Whatever the context, you must carefully consider the topic you are presenting, the language you’re using, the level of assumed knowledge the audience will have and the formality of the situation. It’s important to adapt the content and focus of your presentation according to your audience.

Relating this to your task

In the mini-presentation task, you will be presenting online to a group of people you don’t know.

Some of the audience will be students and many will probably be studying business. Other participants on this course may work in business or have experience of working in this or other sectors or employment. There will be a mixture of nationalities and backgrounds.

Your aim is simply to plan and deliver a mini-presentation that follows the task guidelines and is clear and interesting to your audience in some way.

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