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Starting conversations about sex and intimacy with your partner

Dr Deirdre O’Malley interviewed many women about their sexual relationships after birth as part of her research. Let’s listen to Dr Deirdre Daly and Dr Deirdre O’Malley talk about how you can start and have a productive conversation about sex and intimacy after childbirth.

Listen to the audio here(9 minutes and 17 seconds).

You can read a transcript in the Downloads section below.

The key take home points are:

  • Women adapted to changes in their sexual relationship better when they talked with their partner.
  • Women who talked to their partner about sex and intimacy resolved feelings of guilt, apprehension or anxiety in a much easier way than women who didn’t.
  • The perspective of the partner was important to help resolve problems.

Tips for talking to your partner:

  • Try to have a conversation away from the household where you are both comfortable and relaxed.
  • Sexual intercourse and intimacy mean different things. Talk about what they mean to you and your partner.
  • A third party, such as a counsellor, can be helpful to talk through sexual relationship issues.

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