Video review of Week 1

David, our lead educator recorded a video this week and looked back at some interesting talking points from this week.

David starts by greeting course participants from all over the world, including one person on a ship in the Bearing Straits! He delivered a challenge, asking everyone to notice the verb forms he uses in his video. If you’d like to know more about David’s challenge, start by watching the video for more information. There’s a clue in the previous sentence : )

He mentions Iryna Mikhno’s comment on ways to improve your English then talks about a discussion with Esmat Afify and Ricardo A. VanEgas on whether or not to include a photo with your CV. You can read more on including a photo with your CV here.

David also refers to Phra Sirichai Thummachart’s question about covering letters and suggests what to include in your letter. Read more on covering letters here and here.

David finishes by recommending that anyone who couldn’t join the educators on Facebook live this week can watch the recording of the live broadcast on step 1.3.

Coming up in Week 2
Next week we’ll look at what happens once your job application is successful and you’re invited to interview. We’ll talk in detail about how to prepare for interviews and how to perform in them. If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 2.

You can always use the To do icon at the top of the page to see what’s coming up or go back to previous weeks and catch up.

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