Video Review of Week 2

Karen looked back at some of the interesting talking points from Week 2.

Here are the links that Karen mentions in her video:

Magali R’s comment comparing learning English to Martial Arts

Nedjoy NARINUTH on being punctual for interviews

wailynn thaw’s’ comment about practicing with a friend rather than alone

Jhon J on online interviews

An article about dealing with questions about money

Nadezhda Boyanova’s post about expanded answers and an article about the STAR technique

How to use ‘have to’, ‘must’ and ‘should’ for obligation

Our Facebook live event

Coming up in Week 3
Next week we’ll look at what happens once you receive a job offer and start your new job. We’ll talk about typical company departments, structure and rules. If you want to get started straight away, go to Week 3.

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