Video Review of Week 2

Neeraj, of the educators, recorded a video this week looking back at some interesting talking points from this week.

Neeraj starts by congratulating everyone for their hard work this week.

On the topic of job interviews he mentions Hassiba’s comment as well as her fantastic attitude. He recommends reading Su Aung’s list of ideas for what to do in the days before the interview and on the actual day.

He mentions this week’s vocabulary focus on adjectives and a comment from Maria Anna Papadaki. He also talks about grammar - specifically the present perfect tense and modal verbs of advice and obligation.

Neeraj finishes by talking about what to expect at the end of a job interview and mentions a comment from Ivelina Stoyanova.

This video gives advice on preparing for job interviews and you could also try this virtual job interview.

Good luck to anyone who’s applying for a job this week or has an interview!

Coming up in Week 3
Next week we’ll look at what happens once you receive a job offer and start your new job. We’ll talk about typical company departments, structure and rules. If you want to get started straight away, go to Week 3.

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