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3-1=2 calculation on a magnetic board

Try it yourself: create your own CPA sequence

Now that you have seen several examples of CPA sequences, we want you to create your own sequence.

  1. Think of a mathematics topic from your primary practice.

  2. Think about appropriate representations for this topic that are concrete, pictorial and abstract.

  3. Create these representations and put them together in a sequence of tasks you could give to a student.

  4. Now sequence the task, and pretend you are a student. Complete the tasks.

You may use any means for this. It can be a textual narrative, for example, in the comments. You could draw and write it on a piece of paper. You could then share this with other learners. You could post your scan or image of you work on this padlet. We will also post an additional example on the padlet during the week.

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