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Try it yourself: multiplying by 25

Try to solve this task using the Bar Model method for mentally multiplying by 25.

To get some practice in using the method, we recommend you apply the Bar Model method in the way we showed in the previous example. This might sometimes feel a little bit artificial. After all, you probably find these calculations easy! However, the idea is that you imagine you are a young primary school student, just getting to grips with the basics of arithmetic. The Bar Model method could help as a visual aid.

The task is to calculate 14 times 25.

Hint 1: When we multiply by 100 it makes the number 100 times bigger.

Hint 2: When we divide by 4, we find a quarter, which is the same as multiplying by 25.

If you need some more explanation you can see a screenshot of the final solution here or you can watch a video about it in the next step.

Note: These tasks come from ‘Max Maths Primary - A Singapore Approach’.

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