War memorials in your area

Record and share the location of war memorials and other signs of remembrance in your local area.

What you need to do

Explore your local area and identify war memorials such as a statue, building, monument, plaque or other signs of remembrance in your local area. If you’re able, photograph, sketch or record video of the memorial, making sure you provide a description of the memorial and then share with the Great War History Online group on Flickr (You can also use any of the other image-hosting services listed on the Social media and tools page of FutureLearn).

Add the location of war memorials in your local area to an online map

Return to this step and in the Comments, enter the name and location of the war memorial with a brief description of the memorial.

Contribute to the discussion by reviewing two or three locations submitted by other learners and commenting on their entry, making sure you provide constructive feedback and commentary.

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