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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds PATRICIA BOS: If you have an eating disorder, you usually do not seek help yourself– sometimes because you are not aware that you’re doing negative things or dangerous things, or sometimes you feel ashamed. Asking help however, is very, very important. Talking about it can also be very difficult because you feel guilty or perhaps that you’re afraid of talking about it with your parents, or perhaps you feel comfort in binge eating. Asking for help however, is very important so that you can recover and get a nice life again. If it’s not going well with someone, friends often see first. It’s very important that friends offer and arrange help.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 seconds So of course a person with an eating disorder at first can be very angry if a friend arranges help. However, in the end when the person is recovered he or she is most of the time very grateful that help is arranged. If you recognise yourself or a friend in Romey’s story, don’t hesitate and ask for help. Perhaps you recognise something of the obsessive eating behaviour, or other things you’ve heard. Ask for help, it really can be lifesaving.

Seeking help for an eating disorder

In this video Patricia Bos explains why someone with an eating disorder does not seek help (in time). As a friend of someone with an eating disorder, you can also call for help.

Would you like to know more about seeking help for people with an eating disorder? We advise you to check out the following websites:

You can you also go to your GP, he or she can refer you to the right help.

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