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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds CATHARINA HARTMAN: Did you write down something like hyperactive, chaotic, or inattentive? Well done, this module is about ADHD. That is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. That’s when you have severe concentration problems, or you may be so active or impulsive that it interferes with your daily tasks– that’s when you may have ADHD. Of course, you cannot pay attention at school all the time. And of course, your parents may ask you one thing three times before it actually sinks in. And of course, you may make decisions without thinking it through properly beforehand. Everybody gets distracted or hyperactive or impulsive once in a while. But what’s the difference between that and ADHD? That’s what you will learn about in this module.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 seconds Questions that we will answer in this module, what is ADHD? What’s the difference between someone with ADHD, and someone that’s only sometimes distracted, hyperactive, or impulsive? Is ADHD more common nowadays? What is the cause of ADHD? ADHD– what’s next?

Introduction to ADHD

Did you mention things like attention, busy or chaotic? Very good! In this video Catharina Hartman briefly explains which topics will be discussed about ADHD.

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