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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds CATHARINA HARTMAN: Maybe you have ADHD yourself and you want to know how to deal with it. There are a number of treatments available for people with ADHD. We will name a few. First of all, people with ADHD can get medication. Medication for ADHD can help you concentrate for a while. All medication for ADHD wears off, usually at the end of the day. The symptoms return. In other words, the pills help you during the day, but they can’t cure ADHD. Besides medication, there are other ways to deal with ADHD. Parents can take a training on how to best deal with their child’s problems.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 seconds Young people with ADHD can also take a training themselves to learn how to live less chaotically and learn how to plan. Talk about it, for example, to your GP. He or she can refer you to a psychiatrist or a psychologist who can figure out if you’ve got ADHD. People with ADHD can also develop additional problems, like addiction or sadness. And in that case, it’s even more important to reach out and seek help. Do you want to talk to someone? Do you still have questions? Or do you need help? Check this website for more information.

ADHD, what next?

If you have ADHD, what kind of treatments can help me? In this video, Catharina Hartman answers this question.

Would you like to talk to someone, do you have more questions or need help? Please have a look at this website.

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