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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds INA KONING: Using alcohol and drugs not only has fun positive signs, but it also brings along risks. Drinking alcohol loosens and cheers you up because you feel less inhibited. When you drink more, the consequences of alcohol get nastier. It gets harder to keep your balance. You start slurring your words. You cannot think clearly, are more likely to take risks, for instance, in traffic, and may feel sick. In short, you get drunk. When you are under the influence of alcohol, you will often do things that you will regret later. For instance, girls will go further sexually than they would normally like to, and boys become more aggressive and are often involved in fights.

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 seconds Furthermore, we also know that when you drink regularly, your school and sports results will go down. If you are young, your brains are extra sensitive to alcohol. This sensitivity is caused by the fact that your brain is still developing rapidly when you are young. And for every year in life that you start drinking earlier, the chance that you will get addicted to alcohol or other substances will increase.

The risks of alcohol use

There is not just a fun side to using alcohol and drugs, but there are also risks involved. In this video the risks of drinking alcohol are discussed.

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