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Two young boys looking at a closed playground

Talk about COVID

It is important to talk to children about the current situation. You need to be available to speak to them.

Silence and secrets do not protect our children so it is best to get it out into the open. Be honest but take care to know what you think they will understand. You know your child best!

How to talk to your children about COVID

  • Be honest and answer questions truthfully
  • Think about the age of your child and how much they are able to understand
  • Be open and listen to your child - allow them to ask questions and find out how much they already know
  • Be supportive - your child may be sacred or worrying about things
  • Allow them to share how they are feeling

It is okay not to know the answers but use this opportunity to find out with your child and together you will be stronger.

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Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19

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