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Man listening to lecture through headphones
University of Southampton
Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments
Explore the barriers experienced by disabled students and learn how to overcome these barriers through inclusive practices.
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Prepare to Run a Code Club
Build your confidence and get practical advice on launching and running a Code Club for young people.
Students on campus
British Council
Study UK
Develop your knowledge of UK education, the UK as a study destination and the benefits of Study UK.
Teaching Practical Chemistry - Electrolysis, Rates of Reaction and Making a Salt
National STEM Learning Centre
Teaching Practical Science: Chemistry
Discover approaches to engage 14-16 year old students through practical lessons in chemistry with this CPD for science teachers.
"Colours" by Connor Sparrowhawk: #JusticeforLB
The University of Kent
Understanding Autism
Understand more about autism, including diagnosis, the autistic spectrum and life with autism, with this online course.
Lecturer presenting to students
University of Southampton
English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics
Equip yourself to teach in international contexts by increasing your English language skills and intercultural knowledge.
Teaching Computing - Develop your classroom practice with STEM Learning
National STEM Learning Centre
Teaching Computing
Enhance your practice and subject knowledge as a primary or secondary school teacher of Computing.
A graphic shows examples of blended learning and teaching with technology
University of Leeds
Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started
A free course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning.
A child holds up an iPad to film other school children who are creating frames with their fingers..
Into Film
Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom
Learn how to use simple filmmaking and animation to bring learning to life, and aid cross-curricular attainment and assessment.
A teacher in an African classroom using active learning with his children
The Open University
Making Teacher Education Relevant for 21st Century Africa
Play your part in transforming education in Africa - get teachers ready for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.
Teaching Practical Physics - Radiation, Waves and Circuits
National STEM Learning Centre
Teaching Practical Science: Physics
Participate in CPD to enhance your physics lessons with effective practical work for 14-16 year olds.
Students around a table listening to a man holding a tablet
Smart Advice: Broadening Your Students’ Horizons
A free online course from UCAS, to help advisers understand the wealth of UK higher education opportunities open to students.
A teacher shows a colourful card to a group of young children around her
British Council
Teaching for Success: Learning and Learners
Understand learners, policy and practice with this continuing professional development course for English language teachers.
University of Birmingham
What is Character? Virtue Ethics in Education
Explore important questions about character education and how it contributes to individual and societal flourishing.
School blackboard with colourful handprints
University of Cape Town
Education for All
Discover ways to make education more inclusive, especially in areas where resources are limited.
A young boy in school uniform holds his hands up in the shape of a camera viewfinder as if framing a film shot.
The British Film Institute (BFI)
Teaching Literacy Through Film
Learn how to use film in the classroom, teach literacy and improve both reading and writing skills, with this free online course
Inclusive education: a diverse group of children lie on grass completing school work
University of Glasgow
The Right to Education
How can we support those who are marginalised and excluded from education? Does education for all, mean all?
Teacher leaning in to speak to two teenaged students.
Ambition School Leadership
Challenging Behaviour
How can you manage challenging behaviour in young people? Find out with this free online course featuring the latest research.
Teaching Primary Science: a child looks at a model of earth and the wider Solar System
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Teaching Primary Science
Improve your knowledge of space science to help you deliver primary science lessons that are out of this world.
Blended Learning Essentials Digital Skills course 3 image
University of Leeds
Blended Learning Essentials: Developing Digital Skills
A course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to support the development of learners’ digital skills in the workplace.
Girls working with a teacher
Girls' Day School Trust
Girls' Education
How can teachers help close the gender gap? Get guidance on helping girls achieve their potential with this free online course.
Managing Behaviour for Learning
National STEM Learning Centre
Managing Behaviour for Learning
Maintain discipline and transform your classroom with this CPD for teachers to improve student behaviour and support learning.