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MSc Global Healthcare Management

Address the challenges facing global healthcare systems today and aim to advance your leadership and management skills for a career in health and social care leadership

Groups of people, some in scrubs and some in suits, managing global healthcare.
  • Level

    Masters Degree
  • Duration

    Full-time – 1 year; Part-time – 2 years
  • Format

    Fully Online
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MSc Global Healthcare Management

  • Masters Degree (Postgraduate)

  • Full-time – 1 year; Part-time – 2 years

  • Fully Online

  • Develop your management and leadership practice in a global healthcare context

    This degree integrates the latest knowledge and research from the fields of health, social care, leadership and management and aims to equip you with the capabilities of a modern healthcare leader.

    Explore the issues facing global healthcare systems and social care services

    This degree aims to address the challenges of global health and social care provision by developing the leadership and management capabilities of healthcare management professionals.

    Use leadership theory to address global health challenges

    You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your management, systems thinking and research skills through an exploration of leadership theory and practice.

    Under the tuition of our current experienced health leadership practitioners, you’ll conduct research on global healthcare management issues and think creatively to help solve global health.

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    The course is designed for international and UK graduates wishing to pursue leadership roles within healthcare, social care and third sector organisations.

    There may be three points of entry in September, January and May, subject to demand and the following:

    • Applicants must normally be an honours graduate of a clinical or health/social care related discipline with a 2:2 degree or above, obtained from a recognised university/HE institution, or hold an equivalent qualification acceptable to the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in an area related to the named award.
    • Applicants must provide a strong personal statement indicating their understanding of this subject, why they wish to study this course and how it will enhance their career development.
    • Applications from candidates who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered, but their degree and experience will be assessed for appropriate content by the Course Director.

    ##How can I study this course?

    This course can be studied 100% online with both full-time and part-time options.

    The full-time route takes one year to complete, or part-time two years.

    ##How much will it cost?

    This course has a UK and International fee. The Admissions Team will carry out a fee assessment where appropriate, to determine which fee is applicable.

    ###16 May 2022 UK students – £10,400
    International students – £16,600

    ###12 September 2022 UK students – £10,600
    International students – £16,950

    ##Postgraduate UK/EU students The tuition fee for the course that is stated on the course webpage and in the prospectus will apply. If the duration of the course is longer than one academic year, we may increase the fee for each subsequent year of study but any such increases will be no more than inflation. Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, EU students should be aware that there may be a change to UK laws following the UK’s exit; this may change their student status, their eligibility to study part time, and/or their eligibility for student finance. We will act in accordance with the UK’s laws in force in relation to student tuition fees and finance from time to time.

    ##Postgraduate international students The tuition fee that is stated on the course webpage and in the prospectus for the first year of study will apply. We will review our tuition fees each year. For international students, we may increase fees for each subsequent year of study but such increases will be no more than 5% above inflation.

    Please see our Tuition Terms and Conditions.

    On successful completion of the programme, you should be able to demonstrate:

    Knowledge and understanding

    • Systems Thinking – encompassing a range of theories and tools to consider the complex economic, environmental, ethical, legal, political, sociological and technological factors and their effects at local, national and international levels upon the effectiveness of systems.
    • Comparative studies – encompassing the characteristics and effectiveness of global healthcare systems and their diverse nature, funding, governance, operations and management culture, to build an understanding of comparative success.
    • Management – encompassing a range of management theories and tools to analyse practices for effective leadership and management of organisations, including theories, models, frameworks, tasks and roles of management. The rational analysis and other processes of decision-making within organisations and in relation to the external context.
    • The critical evaluation of theory in relation to management and leadership practice, both in general terms and in the context of the functional specialism.
    • The principles of consultancy and theories and practices found in leadership.

    Cognitive skills

    • Critically analyse, evaluate and interpret ideas and relevant literature and policies in relation to healthcare management from a global perspective.
    • Engage in originality and creativity in tackling and solving problems and decision-making in relation to global healthcare contexts and systems.
    • Evaluate and prioritise information and knowledge.
    • Systematically conduct research on global healthcare management issues demonstrating abilities of critical analysis and synthesis.
    • Critically reflect on and evaluate practice and experience.

    Practical skills

    • Communicate and debate effectively, using a variety of media to persuade and influence others.
    • Collect relevant and appropriate data, analyse it and present findings.
    • Use ICT effectively to search for, retrieve and communicate relevant information in an appropriate form.
    • Participate in team work, demonstrating abilities of leadership and collaboration with others in order to solve problems and develop appropriate solutions.

    Transferable skills

    • Personal capabilities: the skills of presentation, independent learning and self-management for life-long career development.
    • Interpersonal capabilities: advanced communication skills: the skills to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.
    • Interpersonal capabilities: working with others: the ability to work positively as a member of a team and be a reflective practitioner in order to demonstrate self-awareness and confidence.
    • Vocational capabilities: the ability to appreciate the values, culture, structure and processes of work organisations relevant to their areas of study.
    • Numerical capabilities: the ability to interpret and present numerical data and apply a range of numerical techniques appropriate to the nature of the work you are likely to pursue.
    • Information technology capabilities: the ability to make confident use of computer-based systems, for textual, graphical and numerical information, appropriate to the nature of the work you are likely to pursue.
    • Innovative and problem-solving capabilities: the ability to apply transferable skills to the execution of individual and group projects involving the definition, analysis and resolution of complex problems.

    MSc Global Healthcare Management

  • Masters Degree (Postgraduate)

  • Full-time – 1 year; Part-time – 2 years

  • Fully Online

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