Online Data Analytics Degrees

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Data analytics applies to many different fields. That’s why we offer a variety of degrees to meet your exact learning goals. Whether you are looking to upskill in machine learning or just starting in the world of data analytics, there’s a FutureLearn degree out there for you.

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All of your data analytics degrees allow you to leverage the power of online education, providing the flexibility you need to balance your studies without compromising on your personal or professional life.

Through each degree, you’ll feel supported by expert educators at top-tier universities and gain access to a wide range of tools, insights, and resources.

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Businesses everywhere are looking for skilled professionals who can harness big data and optimise performance. Earning an online data analytics degree gives you a leg up against the competition, arming you with career-ready skills and a network of like-minded professionals.

Opportunities abound for graduates of an online data analytics degree — kickstart your career success today.


Many of our data analytics degrees offer flexibility in completion. Whether you prefer a more accelerated approach to learning or need to fit your studies around other commitments, click on one of our degrees to find out which might best suit you.
The prices of our degrees reflect the accessibility and affordability of online learning compared to more traditional learning modules. Each degree offers something different, thus each is uniquely priced, so we recommend clicking on a degree that catches your eye to learn more about its cost information.