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Become a master of international business and study with world-class universities at your own pace. With our online international business degrees, you'll build career-ready skills and learn about topics like global development and more.
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In today's interconnected world, the need for professionals versed in international business is greater than ever before.

Pursuing an online degree can help you stand out as a business leader and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

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Gain the insights and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of international business with confidence.

Our multidisciplinary curriculums cover international trade, global finance, cross-cultural communication, and strategic management, helping you land coveted positions as market analysts, global supply chain managers, corporate strategists, managers, and more.

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Get a quality education without stepping foot in a classroom and feel supported by a team of expert educators from world-class universities.

Our flexible degrees always put your convenience and comfort first, allowing you to hone your skills and fast-track your business career without compromising on anything that’s important to you.


Our online international business degrees offer flexible study options tailored to fit your life and learning style. Typically, our master's programmes can be completed in as little as two to three years, while our bachelor's programs require a bit more time.

Get a better sense of how long each of our international business degrees may take to complete and it can align with your academic and career goals by selecting one of our degrees to learn more.
With online learning, you can save significantly on expenses such as commuting and campus facilities, making our programmes a cost-effective choice compared to traditional on-campus options.

Visit our degree pages for detailed information on tuition fees. You can also reach out to our support team who are happy to answer your pricing-related questions.
With an online international business degree, you can expect to deepen your understanding of global practices and develop essential business skills through immersive coursework, hands-on projects, and real-world case studies, helping open doors to a range of career opportunities.
If you’re looking to excel as a leader on the global stage, completing an international business degree is a surefire way to broaden your horizons and advance your career. From international trade and cross-cultural management to global marketing and finance, our programmes cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to today's interconnected business world.