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Unlimited Black Friday Offer

  1. FutureLearn Annual Unlimited Black Friday Offer

1.1 Unlimited Black Friday offer available from 00:00 GMT Friday 24th November to 23:59 GMT Thursday 30th November 2023 (“Promotion Period”)

1.2 This Unlimited Black Friday Offer applies only to our annual unlimited offering which allows access only to stand-alone short courses offering a Certificate of Achievement. Paid upfront courses (including Microcredentials), Subscription Access to ExpertTrack courses, program assessments, Degrees and courses which offer a Statement of Participation are not included in this Unlimited Black Friday Offer.

1.3 The Unlimited Black Friday offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

1.4 The Unlimited Black Friday offer applies to new Unlimited Annual subscribers, active Unlimited Monthly subscribers, and any previous Unlimited Annual Subscribers, who do not have an active subscription during the Promotion Period. The Unlimited Black Friday offer cannot be used by current Unlimited Annual subscribers.

This Unlimited Black Friday Offer provides a 50% discount on the first year only of a new Unlimited Annual subscription (“Discount Period”). After the end of the Discount Period, you will be charged the full price of an Unlimited Annual subscription as set out in FutureLearn’s terms and conditions. You can cancel your subscription at any time subject to the cancellation policy. Your cancellation shall take effect on the day after the last day of the subscription period.

1.5 FutureLearn’s terms and conditions (, refund policy and privacy policy apply.

1.6 FutureLearn reserves the right to refuse access to its products for any reason in accordance with its terms and conditions.

These offer terms and conditions are dated 24th November 2023.