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5 unusual New Year’s resolutions to try this year

In this post we share a few unusual New Year’s resolutions that definitely won’t involve an expensive gym membership.

Fed up of the same old New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got you covered, with some easy-to-keep resolutions that will help you learn about fascinating new places and subjects in 2017.

1. Investigate a new culture


Ditch the January blues by escaping to somewhere new. You don’t need a plane ticket – you can explore lots of different cultures without leaving your chair with FutureLearn courses. One of our favourites is the Keio University course on Japanese culture.

Explore Japanese Culture through Rare Books

2. Understand gravity


2016 was the year that gravitational waves were finally discovered. Make 2017 the year you understand them, with a course from Université Paris Diderot examining the fundamental forces that govern our universe.

Join Gravity! The Big Bang, Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

3. Research your family tree


A hidden king? A famous explorer? Who knows what greats might be hiding in your family history? 2017 could be the year you discover your royal lineage. The University of Strathclyde’s genealogy course features plenty of useful advice.

Get started with Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree

4. Predict the weather


Love to talk about the weather? Make 2017 the year you go behind the headlines and truly understand our climate. The University of Reading’s Meteorology Department will have you asking what causes storms and sunshine, and even help you make educated guesses about tomorrow’s forecast.

Join Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather

5.Travel back in time


A great resolution if you’re feeling frustrated by modern times. Escape the present and travel back to ancient Rome’s lost harbour of Portus – a key hub for importing goods and luxuries from the Mediterranean.

The University of Southampton’s course on Portus uses incredible footage filmed at the archaeological site, so you’ll feel as though you’re there.

Explore the Lost Harbour of Ancient Rome

Not sure about any of these resolutions? Check out all of our courses for 2017, make your own resolution and let us know what it is in the comments.

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