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The best tech jobs in Australia in 2023: In-demand roles with salaries

Interested in a job in tech? Check out our rundown of the highest-paying tech jobs in Australia including salaries, companies and more.


The world of technology has changed drastically over the past two years. The way in which we work, communicate and consume continues to grow and evolve. This is great news for those working or hoping to work in technology

There are endless types of jobs within the tech industry, and they’ve become one of the most increasingly high-demand jobs in Australia. Let’s explore some of those in-demand and high-paying jobs in tech to see if there is a fit for you.

In-demand tech jobs in Australia


Cybersecurity is the application of processes and controls to protect programs, systems, networks and devices from cyber attacks. The goal of a cybersecurity team is to reduce the risk of data becoming compromised. Start building the foundations of your cybersecurity knowledge with our ExpertTrack. 

Cybersecurity is needed in almost every business. With the growing rates of cybercrime, every CEO is looking to hire a cybersecurity team. This job is easily one of the fastest-growing within technology.

You can work with virtually any type of company as part of a cybersecurity team. Some of those roles include:

  • Network security
  • Threat intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Incident response

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Cloud solutions 

Cloud computing is the use of databases, servers, software and storage that helps a business run more efficiently. Considering the uprise of businesses working in a hybrid cloud environment, the use of cloud solutions has increased.

The transition from traditional workdays in the office, to then working from home to now a hybrid system was incredibly quick. Because of this, businesses need to go back and ensure that the systems put in place are efficient and optimised. This is where cloud solutions come in.

Some of the roles amongst a cloud solutions team include:

  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud administrator
  • Cloud security analysis

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Data science

A data scientist uses computer science, mathematics and statistics to extract insights from data. They’re pertinent to a company because of the ability to create a strong understanding of algorithms within a program. Beyond having the understanding, a data scientist is able to suggest appropriate solutions to the business to keep things running smoothly.

Every single day, there are more apps and programs created for individual people as well as companies. This has created a higher demand for data scientists, as there is more data to be analysed.

Jobs within data science include:


DevOps increases the velocity with which an organisation can develop and deliver applications. Within their role, they’re constantly monitoring and troubleshooting software, making sure there are no areas of inefficiency. If issues arise, they’ll go in and reconfigure the code to make it run seamlessly.

The DevOps team is important to organisations because they enable the company to serve its customers in the most efficient way possible. This allows them to be competitive within the market.

Jobs within DevOps include:

  • DevOps engineer
  • Build engineer
  • Release manager
  • Automation architect
  • Software developer

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Software Development

Developers create the programs and software themselves that the organisations use. Whether these programs are a product for consumers – like the popular apps TikTok, Lyft and Whatsapp – to private software used in the back end of a company, software developers are needed for any of this to exist.

Members of a software development team work on different aspects of the software. Some roles create an application from the ground up while other roles focus on improving design and navigation.

Titles within the software development team include:

  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Engineering director
  • QA engineer

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Change management

Change management is the team that keeps the technology within a company up to date and moving forward. There have been so many changes in the past 10 years when it comes to technology and how it’s used on a daily basis, and the change management team stays on top of those changes.

This team is responsible for identifying and implementing new technologies. This will help improve the customer experience, keep the company relevant and allow the company to grow with the industry.

Roles within the change management team include:

  • Change requestor
  • Change owner
  • Change approver

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Highest-paying tech jobs in Australia

1. Programme manager

A programme manager oversees the entire company’s projects and programs. With the overall vision of the company in mind, the programme manager makes sure that everything is running exactly how it should be.

Without directly managing each individual project, the programme manager will coordinate multiple activities between the various projects. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the company is reaching its goals on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

Salary range: $150k-$210k

2. Enterprise architect

An enterprise architect oversees, improves and upgrades all of the services provided by the company. This position requires strong communication, analytical and critical thinking skills. Overall, they’re in charge of the maintenance of a business’s entire technology infrastructure.

Salary range: $150K-$225K

3. Cloud architect

The cloud architect is a newer role in the world of tech. With everything moving to the cloud (servers that can be accessed over the internet), it’s pertinent for a company to be able to easily access and store large amounts of data.

The cloud architect will design the framework to support these large quantities of data. High skill levels in software development, cloud computing and solution architecture are necessary for this position. 

Salary range: $170K-$230K

4. Chief product officer

The chief product officer is the leader of a specific product. They oversee the product vision, innovation, development, design, marketing and management. They will lead the team working on that specific product, ensuring that it’s a successful build for the company.

The chief product officer is responsible for almost everything related to the product. From researching, to creating a vision and strategy, to supervising, the chief product officer is there for the entire process.

Salary range: $180K-$250K

5. Chief customer officer

The chief customer officer takes the customer’s needs into consideration at all times. This role can be different among companies, sometimes coming from a marketing perspective and other times coming from a UX (user experience) perspective.

The chief customer officer’s goal is to build customer relationships, retain customers and boost overall engagement with the product. They’ll analyse data collected from the customer’s feedback and create strategies to improve the customer experience.

Salary range: $180K-$250K

6. Head of data science

The head of data science oversees data management, data creation and the improvement of data quality. They’re the role that connects the data science teams and the management teams, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

The head of data science must have expert knowledge of programming languages, strategy and data visualisation. They must also have excellent communication and organisational skills. The ultimate goal for the head of data science is to support the data scientists with their work while keeping the business objectives clear and on track.

Salary range: $200K-$250K

5 best tech companies in Australia 


Atlassian is a software company that builds platforms and tools for businesses. Their clients are some of the most well-known companies in the world like Airbnb, eBay, Nasa and DropBox. They create all types of software to help these successful businesses run optimally.

They’re currently hiring almost every type of role that we discussed: Senior data scientists, machine learning scientists, principal engineers, solution architects and many more.


Canva is a graphic design tool that allows users to create designs anywhere. It’s Australia’s fastest-growing startup and is now used all over the world. They have teams of every category, like design, vibe and customer happiness.

Under the tech umbrella, Canva has a data team, a product management team and an engineering team. There are hundreds of jobs within each team. You will find almost all of the jobs in tech we discussed today listed on their site.

Afterpay Touch

Afterpay Touch was founded in Sydney in 2014. Their goal is to create financial freedom for all. It’s a platform that allows consumers to create payment plans without incurring interest fees or debt. Many brands that you shop from accept Afterpay.

Afterpay is currently hiring online jobs in Australia as well as in-office positions throughout the world. Some positions listed include program delivery manager, data scientist and senior software engineer.


Airtasker is a Sydney-based company that provides users with the ability to outsource everyday tasks. Things like hiring a home cleaner, a gardener or a handyperson are as easy as a quick click on Airtasker.

They’re currently hiring many IT jobs in Australia, including IOS software engineer, Android software engineer, lead security engineer and many more.


Envato is an online community where authors can upload creative works, and customers can download assets from the works. From graphic templates to photos, videos and website themes, the creations are endless.

Envanto has three main offices in Australia, Los Angelas and Guatamala. Currently in Australia, they’re hiring for a few tech positions: software engineer, senior digital designer, DevOps engineer and a site reliability engineer.

Start your career with entry-level tech jobs

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