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Five amazing data visualisations

Discover the beauty of numbers as we have a look at some of our favourite visual representations of data (plus find out how you can become a data scientist).

1. London Coffee Shops

Check out more like this on Information is Beautiful.

2. Time travel

Check out more like this on Information is Beautiful.

3. Queen

Check out the full project by Connie Khoo, Sara Porco, Clemence Raillard, Ileana Ricci, Daniel Sher, Giulia Spruzzola.

4. The daily routines of creative people

Our favourite data visualisations
See the full interactive project.

5. Who gets thanked at the Oscars

Our favourite data visualisations 2
Check out the full project here.

Feeling inspired and want to make a big impact with big data?
Find out how to become a data scientist. 

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