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From 3D graphics to genomics: brand new courses announced

A huge range new free online courses are now live on FutureLearn and ready for you to join, while many previous courses are getting ready to run again in 2016. Here’s our quick guide to them all.


3D Graphics for Web Developers

This five-week course from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona is designed for web developers who have existing knowledge of JavaScript.

It will show you how to use WebGL, WebGLStudio and Three.JS to develop high-quality, interactive 3D graphics applications, which run natively in browsers.

Find out more and join the course now – it starts 15 February


Genomic Medicine: Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes

Learn how developments in genomics are transforming our knowledge and treatment of conditions such as diabetes, with this University of Exeter course.

Over four weeks, it will introduce the topic of genomics and use research into diabetes to illustrate the clinical application of current genomics knowledge.

Find out more and join the course now – it starts 22 February


Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching

This six-week course is designed to help STEM teachers at all levels get to grips with Assessment for Learning.

You’ll have the chance to try new things in your laboratory or classroom, and enjoy your teaching more, learning with the National STEM Learning Centre.

Find out more and join the course – it starts 22 February


Military Ethics: an Introduction

This UNSW Australia course explores the ethical responsibilities that weigh on military professionals, who are “managers of violence”.

Over seven weeks, it combines an overview of Just War Theory with an introduction to the key ethical principles that can help military professionals face everyday challenges.

Find out more and join the course – it starts 29 February


15 new courses for school students from the University of Leeds

Learning Online

The University of Leeds has announced 15 two-week FutureLearn courses, which have been specifically designed for those studying at school or college.

They will help you extend your knowledge in specific topics; develop your transferable skills; make decisions about which subject to study at university; and give you evidence to use in your university application.

They include:

You can see all of the courses in our “Going to University” collection.


Returning courses

In addition to the brand new courses above, many previous courses are getting ready to run again in January and February.

Starting January

Starting February

Date to be announced

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