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#FutureLearnAsks North Korea, China and the Victory Day Parade Twitter chat: the highlights

Taking place on the eve of Russia’s Victory Day Parade, this topical edition of our #FutureLearnAsks Twitter chat saw insightful discussion with our expert contributors John Delury, Lead Educator on Lips and Teeth, Adam Cathcart, Lecturer in Chinese History at The University of Leeds, Elise Hu, award-winning correspondent at NPR’s bureau in Seoul, and Jean H. Lee, a veteran foreign correspondent and expert on North Korea.

Topics for discussion included how World War 2 is remembered in China and Korea today, as well as the ramifications of Kim Jong-un’s decision not to attend the parade, after his presence had originally been implied by Moscow.

For more context on these issues, see the free online course Lips and Teeth: Korea and China in Modern Times from Yonsei University.

Thanks again to everyone who took part. See the full conversation as it happened via the #FutureLearnAsks hashtag, and discover and discuss these issues in more depth on the free online course Lips and Teeth.

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