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Top 25 online courses in the Philippines – July 2021

Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular way for people in the Philippines to improve their skills and knowledge. We take a look at the 25 most popular courses among learners in the Philippines.


The Philippines is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. As such, online learning is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to improve their skills and knowledge. We take a look at the 25 most popular courses among learners in the Philippines. While this post was first published last year, it’s now been updated to reflect the most popular courses in July 2021. 


1. COVID-19: Diagnostics and Testing

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all corners of the world over the last few months. As such, it’s little surprise that our course on COVID-19 has remained one of our most popular ones since it launched. It explores the latest recommendations on COVID-19 diagnostics and testing, and how to improve testing capacity in low-income settings.

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2. Introduction to Research Ethics: Working with People

If you’re interested in working in a research-based role, it will be vital for you to understand research ethics, considering topics such as gaining consent, handling personal information, and recruiting vulnerable participants. This course is aimed specifically at university students, helping them to manage human subject research in sensitive and appropriate ways. 

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3. Starting a Business 3: Customers and Competitors

In our series on starting a business from the University of Leeds, you’ll learn all of the tools that will enable you to start a successful business of your own. This course is the third in the series and will teach you to recognise and understand your target market. Understanding and reaching your customers is essential for any business, so if you’re starting out, this is the course for you.

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4. Managing Behaviour for Learning

Managing behaviour in the classroom can be extremely challenging. On this CPD-certified course for teachers, you’ll learn tactics for building trust and improving behaviour in the classroom, so that your students are able to have a better learning experience. You’ll discover how to manage your own behaviour, use consistent rules and routines, and recognise positive behaviour from your students. 

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5. Working with Translation: Theory and Practice

Translation is an essential part of global communication, allowing people and businesses from all over the world to work together and understand each other. There are somewhere between 120 and 187 languages spoken in the Philippines, which exacerbates the need for good translators. On this course, you will discover a wealth of practical tips and knowledge about the nature of translation in an increasingly multilingual world.

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6. Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting

Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language, with nearly 500 million native speakers. In addition, the Philippines is home to the most Spanish speakers in Asia. If that sounds like a great reason to learn Spanish, this course is the first in a series of six courses for those who want to learn Spanish at beginner level. You’ll begin by learning some basic vocabulary and grammar and building on your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

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7. Starting a Business 2: People and Networks

Another course in our series about starting a business has proven very popular – but this time you’ll be learning about working with people and exploring networks. Whether you have an idea for a future venture or you already have a side-line business whilst studying, this course will help you to recognise the people who can help you take your business forward in both formal and informal business networks.

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8. Learning Online: Managing Your Online Identity

As the internet and social media continue to grow, it can be hard to manage your online identity. In this course you’ll consider your online presence; you’ll discover how what we say and do online can have major implications for our real lives, and those of others. You’ll also learn how you can enhance your online identity using social media tools. If you’re interested in boosting your online presence, this is the course for you.

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9. Quality Improvement in Healthcare: the Case for Change

Health and social care systems are inherently complex, with many interconnected activities and processes, and thus difficult to measure, analyse, change and improve. Explore new and better ways of organising health and social care services to improve quality with this free CPD-certified course from the University of Bath.

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10. Clinical Supervision with Confidence

Do you supervise medical students and trainees? This course for clinical and educational supervisors will improve your confidence in supervising undergraduate or postgraduate learners. You’ll develop your knowledge and skills in two challenging areas: how to provide regular, timely and effective feedback; and how to identify concerns around performance.

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11. Discovering Science: Science Writing

If you are working in the field of science and would like to practice and improve your science writing skills, this CPD-certified course will help you to succeed. You’ll learn about different types of science writing, discover how to gather accurate information and relevant opinions, and learn how to conduct a successful interview. Which scientific discoveries will you choose to write about?

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12. Introduction to Cyber Security

Discover essential cyber security knowledge and skills, and learn how you can better protect your digital life with this course by the Open University. This course, supported by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme, will teach you how to recognise online security threats that could harm you and explore the steps you can take to minimise your risk.

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13. Learning Online: Researching Your Project

Are you a university student wanting to succeed in your research projects? Improve your online research skills and your ability to critically analyse sources of information in this course about learning online by the University of Leeds. In this course, you’ll explore the rich and diverse range of information available to you online, how to use search tools effectively, and the ways in which you can begin to assess information.

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14. Teaching Young Learners Online

If you’re a teacher who recently had to adapt to online teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course will be perfect for you. Even though many schools are now having in-person teaching, this course will still teach you invaluable skills to prepare you for the future. You’ll discover how to plan, create, and facilitate inclusive online learning that engages and inspires young people aged 5 to 17.

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15. Becoming a Better Music Teacher

Vocal coaches and music teachers have an important role in improving their students’ ability to sing or play an instrument. You’ll improve your teaching strategies and skills as a music teacher or vocal coach with this ABRSM online course. Learn how to assess your current strategies, engage your students and plan broader music lessons.

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16. Exploring Our Ocean

Would you like to become an ocean explorer and investigate the underwater world existing on our planet? This course from the University of Southampton will introduce you to the ocean’s wonders. Since the Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,100 islands, the ocean is an important part of daily life for many people. Discover how our everyday lives are connected to the ocean depths, and learn about the challenges and opportunities that this hidden realm holds for our future.

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17. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Stressed by the pace of modern life? Mindfulness might be the answer. This course by Monash University has been recognised as one of the highest-rated online courses of all time by leading course aggregator Class Central, so if you need to learn how to de-stress, this course will be perfect for you. You’ll learn a range of mindfulness techniques, from managing emotions to cultivating self-compassion.

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18. Emergency Planning and Preparedness: An Introduction

When preparing a community for an incident, creating plans for identified risks and implementing mitigation measures is key. This course by Coventry University will introduce you to some of the key concepts of emergency planning. You will explore the relationship between the type of emergency and the type of response in order to understand how these dependencies shape the emergency plan.

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19. Understanding ADHD: Current Research and Practice

What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and how do you diagnose it? Find out the answers on this online course from King’s College London. You’ll evaluate the history of ADHD diagnosis, explore how to parent a child with ADHD, and discuss the sometimes controversial issue of ADHD treatment and management.

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20. Global Education for Teachers

Teachers today must prepare their students for a global future. Young people will need to learn how to positively engage with people from all over the world and build the skills and knowledge to become global citizens. On this course, you’ll discover key issues in global citizenship education and learn how to prepare your students for the global challenges of tomorrow.

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21. Starting a Business 4: Business Processes

It’s clear that our series on starting a business has proven popular in the Philippines, with another course from the series appearing in the top 25. In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of how business works and performance can be improved so that you can take your business forward and manage growth. Whether you have an idea for a future venture or you already have a side-line business whilst studying at university, this course covers efficient business processes to improve productivity.

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22. Environmental Challenges: Rights and Values in Ecosystem Services

Differences in values can create conflict. How can we learn to manage our natural resources with integrity? In this CPD-certified course, you’ll explore three approaches to rights and values, and apply these to ecosystem services around the world.

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23. Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19

COVID-19 has been really difficult for everyone, but there’s no doubt that children and young people have struggled with all of the risks, guidelines and social seclusion. In this course by the University of East Anglia, you’ll learn about anxiety and discover helpful strategies to support young people struggling with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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24. Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL

This online course introduces the field of applied linguistics and how it relates to disciplines including linguistics and language teaching. You’ll explore real-world examples of applied linguistics, such as forensic linguistics, language assessment. In addition, you’ll look at the field’s impact on important issues – for example, reducing gender bias in language use and simplifying legal language.

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25. Foundations of Project Management

What is project management and what are the essential concepts of project management?  Answer these questions and others with this course by Coventry University. You’ll be taught the essentials of project management, including theoretical and applied perspectives. You’ll also study project constraints such as cost, time, and resources, and investigate professional development opportunities.

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