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An invitation: find out how FutureLearn can help schools prepare students for university

In this post, Neil Harvey, Head of Marketing at FutureLearn, looks at how online courses can help students at critical phases in their lives, and previews our series of free events to support teachers.

In this post, Neil Harvey, Head of Marketing at FutureLearn, looks at how online courses can help students at critical phases in their lives, and invites teachers to join us at our series of free events.

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With growing pressure on schools to improve student preparation and implement transition systems, the question of how to prepare students for higher education has become a clear priority.

There is a huge skills gap between school and university; without proper preparation, many students struggle through their time in university or don’t finish their course. Equipping school students with essential skills, such as independent learning, time management and problem solving, is essential in preparing them for their future.

It will not only help individuals to succeed at university, but will greatly enhance their A-level studies and boost their confidence.

How can FutureLearn help?

As schools look to close these skills gap and equip their students, FutureLearn’s courses have played a valuable role.

PiXL 6, an association dedicated to helping schools achieve the highest outcomes for students and improve their life chances, told us just how valuable MOOCs can be in the classroom when preparing students for university or employment.

“MOOCs make a huge contribution inside and outside the classroom. They develop skills such as independent learning and independent thinking that will not only impact A-level studies, but will equip students with demonstrable skills for both university and employment.”
– Peter Rawling, Vice Chair of PiXL6

As well as developing students’ study skills, our online taster courses, such as Discover Dentistry or Begin Programming, give students valuable insight on topics not studied in school. They allow students to explore their options and confidently make decisions about the right course for them.

Equally, taking a FutureLearn course can give students a sense of what it is like to study school subjects at university. The full range of courses and more information can be found in our Going to University collection.

“Of our partner schools that are incorporating MOOCs into the classroom, particularly courses on applying to and going to university, not one student or teacher has a negative word. They have all found the courses very valuable!”
– Peter Rawling, Vice Chair of PiXL6

How can we tackle transition together?

Unifrog – an organisation that connects students to the best courses to help them make the best choices and allows schools to track their progress – encourages the use of MOOCs to guide students.

“Using MOOCs, such as the range of FutureLearn courses, can not only help students broaden their learning but gives them the insight to help them make the important choices for their future.”
– Alex Kelly, Director of Unifrog

At FutureLearn, we’ve teamed up with Unifrog to bring teachers a series of exciting events tackling the topic of transition. With expert speakers, these events are ideal for teachers and heads of sixth form who are looking to discuss transition in secondary schools.

At the events, speakers from FutureLearn, Unifrog, our partner universities and schools will aim to provide actionable insight on developing outstanding progression systems that can be put in place in schools. From using MOOCs to expanding personal statements and destination tracking, there are a host of topics covered. Advice and help from these experts can help support your students through a pain-free transition to higher education.

Join us on 19 April and 24 June

These events are designed to help teachers assess how schools can seamlessly incorporate a progression system into their curriculum, keep in line with Ofsted requirements and learn how to help students.

You can register for The Progression Event in London on Tuesday 19 April or The Progression Summit on Friday 24 June here.

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