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Get ahead with soft skills

As part of Learning at work week, we’re talking all things soft skills: what are they, why are they important and how FutureLearn can help you develop them.

Category: Learning, Business

Entrepreneurs we admire

In this post we share a few of our favourite entrepreneurs, why we admire them and courses to help you develop your own entrepreneurial skills.

Category: Business

Become a leader

In the first of a new series about taking on new roles we look at key leadership qualities and traits and how you can become a great leader.

Category: Business

What will the future of business look like?

In this post we imagine what the future might hold for business, from robots to a faster-paced world.

Category: Business

Our favourite social enterprises

Ahead of our course on social enterprise, we decided to share some of our favourite companies that are making a difference, not just making a profit.

Category: Business

4 examples of digital transformation in unlikely places

The free online course Digital Transformation of Businesses and Services starts next week. Before it begins, we look at how technology is changing four traditional sectors.

5 things you can do to be a better manager

Managing people effectively is no easy task, you have to juggle a number of different responsibilities and know exactly when to step in, and when to sit back. In this post discover what you can do to become a better manager. Hint, none of it involves a sharp suit or firm handshake.

Category: Business

5 ways to prepare for the workplace of 2026, starting right now

As economic power shifts to Asia, the world’s population ages, and technologies like AI and VR advance, the world of work will become a more international, multi-generational and robotic place. Here are five ways you can prepare.

Category: Business

9 skills you need to succeed in business

Whether you fancy yourself as the next big thing in business, are looking to boost your career, or want to start a new venture – in this post you’ll find the skills you need for succeeding in business, and courses to help you learn them.

Category: Business