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Digital Skills

Why transferable skills are the key to a better future

For Learning at Work Week FutureLearn’s People & Culture Director talks emotional intelligence, soft skills and how training will transform the world of work for all of us.

National Coding Week shows how easy it is to start coding

To mark National Coding Week, we hosted two events at FutureLearn, which showed how easy it is to start learning to code. In this post, get inspired by the beginners we met and start developing your own programming skills.

Celebrate National Coding Week with FutureLearn

National Coding Week is taking place 18-25 September 2017. It aims to bring coding and digital skills to everyone, regardless of their age or experience. As an official partner, we’ve got lots going on. Whether you want to learn to code from scratch or improve your existing programming skills, get involved.

Coding Courses: from beginner to advanced

In this post we share some of our great coding courses, from courses that will show the ropes, to course that will help you polish your skills.

Category: Digital Skills

4 examples of digital transformation in unlikely places

The free online course Digital Transformation of Businesses and Services starts next week. Before it begins, we look at how technology is changing four traditional sectors.

The Virtual Reality Report: What is virtual reality and how is it being used across different industries?

In this post Alex, who looks after workplace training at FutureLearn, explores the mysterious world of virtual reality and the possibilities it holds for healthcare, translation, training and education.

Category: Digital Skills

7 tech trends you can tackle with the help of FutureLearn courses

Ever wondered how to grow organs in a lab or potatoes on Mars? From 3D printing to space exploration, here we round up seven important tech trends and highlight how you can tackle them with the help of FutureLearn courses.

Category: Digital Skills

Where does the language of cyber security come from?

In this post our copywriter Jess shares where different cyber security terms have come from.

Category: Digital Skills

#FutureLearnAsks cyber security Twitter chat: as it happened

We kicked off the first #FutureLearnAsks Twitter chat with a lively discussion about cyber security, featuring Cory Doctorow, Arosha Bandara and Andrew Smith from The Open University’s Introduction to Cyber Security. Here are some highlights from last night’s proceedings. Don’t forget, these are just the highlights – you can see the whole discussion on Twitter. Of…