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The best-paying jobs in Brazil

Looking to find what the best-paying jobs in Brazil are at the moment? Read our list of some of the highest paying careers in the country.

The best-paying jobs in Australia

Want to know what the best-paying jobs in Australia are at the moment? Check out our list of some of the highest paying careers.

Essential Excel formulas to improve office productivity

Microsoft’s Excel software is useful in so many situations, both personally and professionally. We take a look at some essential Excel formulas and tips that can make you more productive.

Get hired in 2020 with a professional SaaS microcredential

Discover our newest set of industry-endorsed microcredentials designed to equip you with the skills you need to get hired in an in-demand sector with high job growth.

Top 25 online courses in Mexico – June 2020

On our list of the 25 online courses in the country, you’ll find some topics of inspiration, as well as enrolment links for each course.

How to budget, save money, and still have fun

We take a look at everything you need to know about planning and setting a budget, as well as how to enjoy life after you do so.

Top 25 online courses in Thailand – June 2020

Online learning is highly popular in the growing economy of Thailand, with learners looking to improve their English language, workplace skills, and much more! Discover the top 25 most popular courses in June 2020.

Top 25 online courses in New Zealand – June 2020

Learners in New Zealand are signing up to a diverse range of online courses on FutureLearn, focused on career progression, self-improvement, mindfulness and more.

Top 25 online courses in Pakistan – June 2020

Online learning is thriving in Pakistan. Explore our list of the top 25 online courses according to our Pakistani learners and learn a new skill today.