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Top 25 online courses in Malaysia – June 2020

Learners in Malaysia enjoy a wide range of FutureLearn courses, and we take a look at the top 25 most popular.

Fl243 Blog Most Popular Courses In Malaysia

Over the last couple of years, the Malaysian government has worked to improve ICT in the country and start to digitise education.

As such, the e-learning industry revenue is expected to reach over $2 billion by 2023. Learners in Malaysia enjoy a wide range of FutureLearn courses, and we take a look at the top 25 most popular.

 1. Teaching English Online

It’s estimated that over 1.5 billion people across the world are learning English. As such, there is a huge demand for English teachers, especially in countries like Malaysia. With the rise of technologies helping us connect, teaching online has become more popular than ever. This course helps you transfer your existing teaching skills to an online context. You’ll learn how to plan and deliver online language and skill lessons.

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2. COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

Every corner of the world has been impacted by the coronavirus. Although it’s had global implications, humanity’s brightest minds have worked to understand and combat the virus. In this course, one of our most globally popular at the moment, you’ll learn about how COVID-19 emerged and what we currently know about it. Experts from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine also discuss what we need to address the disease going forward. 

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3. How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students

For many students, the coronavirus pandemic has meant at-home learning. Although a convenient replacement while schools are closed, one essential aspect for teachers is that their students remain engaged with the work. This course helps practitioners prepare for teaching in the digital classroom. It has tips on adapting your teaching, keeping students on track, and reviewing and evaluating your performance. 

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4. Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

The world of fashion is diverse and multifaceted. As well as being a creative and expressive medium, it’s also a global industry. This course examines how the business of fashion works and its impacts on culture. Experts from both the business and creative side give their insight on a range of different topics, including fashion and society, and fashion and consumption.  

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5. Understanding IELTS

The IELTS is perhaps the most popular test of English abilities for second language learners. It focuses around speaking, listening, reading and writing, giving a comprehensive review of your skills. This program consists of four courses, one dedicated to each of the areas of assessment. It can help you prepare for the tests and develop strategies to perform to the best of your abilities. 

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6. Exploring English: Language and Culture

English is a popular language in Malaysia. In 2017, the country was ranked the second-best in Asia for proficiency in the language. This course helps learners improve their English language skills with a focus on British culture. Over a series of short videos, you’ll see what life in the UK is like, as well as how native speakers use the language. 

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7. Basic English 1: Elementary

Every language learning journey has to start somewhere. It takes time and effort to master some of the basics, but it can be a rewarding process. This course helps learners with some of the fundamentals of English. It focuses on language use in everyday situations, helping to develop both speaking and listening skills. Our learners have given the course a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. 

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8. Introduction to Malay Language

Around 290 million people globally speak Malay. And, given how multicultural Malaysia is, there’s little surprise that there’s a demand for learning the language. This course gives you everything you need to get started on your learning journey. You’ll learn basic grammar, as well as words and phrases that are useful for everyday life. In addition, you’ll get to learn about the culture of Malaysia. 

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9. English for the Workplace

English is one of the global languages of business. No matter where in the world you live and work, it can be a useful addition to your repertoire. This course is focused specifically on developing English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. You’ll learn about things like applications, interviews, and starting a new role. 

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10. Emotional Intelligence at Work

Communication skills are essential for success in the workplace. Yet one area that is often overlooked is that of emotional intelligence – the ability to recognise and act on emotions in yourself and others. It’s a skill that brings many benefits in both professional and personal settings. This course explores some of the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and how to measure it. 

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11. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Python is a programming language that’s popular among all kinds of coders. It’s also a relatively easy first language to master and implement, used by companies such as Google and Spotify. If you’ve always wanted to get into coding and programming, this course is for you. It introduces the fundamentals, focused on Python, and gives you the chance to write your very first program. 

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12. Introduction to Business Management

Business managers need a variety of skills to succeed. However, it takes time and effort to develop these abilities. With this course from King’s College London, you can start learning the fundamentals. It covers how to identify your own skills, why business management is important, and how you can work on collaboration, feedback and negotiation. 

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13. Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication

Many of the top courses in Malaysia are focused around business skills, and this one is no exception. Effective communication is a cornerstone of any successful business. This course helps to develop your existing skills, teaching how to communicate effectively across written and spoken mediums. It also gives you the tools to deliver a strong presentation and conduct a productive meeting. 

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14. English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

Learning a second language is a lifelong effort. Yet, generally speaking, the younger you are, the easier the skills develop. During early childhood can be the ideal time to build the foundations of a second language, and this course helps teachers and parents develop those skills. The British Council created this course to cover some of the key areas related to language learning. 

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15. Food as Medicine

Our diets play a huge role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Food can be used as a preventative tool, as well as an aid to managing certain chronic diseases. Monash University developed this course, which is certified by the Association for Nutrition, to explore the complexities of nutrition and its role in health. Over a period of three weeks, you’ll cover how food relates to the gut, brain, weight, and more. 

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16. Developing Your Research Project

Learning is a lifelong undertaking. Whether you’re still in formal education or returning to study for the first time in years, you’ll need to utilise many different skills. For those with research-based projects, there are all kinds of topics you’ll need knowledge of. This course looks at what you’ll need to develop and write a successful research project.  

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17. Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

In a workplace environment, you’ll usually have to work and collaborate with a wide range of people. Two essential elements to success in this area are communication and interpersonal skills. Not only are these vital to the workplace, but they’re also beneficial in everyday life. With this course, you’ll explore your own communication style, and how you can tailor your approach to different situations. 

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18. Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and has the second most native speakers. With this in mind, it’s clear to see why learning Spanish is such a popular pastime. Doing so can connect you with people all over the world. With this course, you’ll start with the fundamentals of the language. You’ll learn how to greet people and talk about where you live and where you’re from.  

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19. Understanding IELTS: Writing

In the IELTS academic writing test, you’ll have two tasks to complete with a 60-minute time limit. In the first, you’ll be given some visual information that you have to describe and explain. In the second, you’ll be presented with a point of view that you have to respond to. With the right preparation, such as this course, you can know what to expect and how to answer any question you encounter. 

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20. The Business of Film

The movie industry is a fascinating one. For many of us, we look to the creative endeavours, the cinematography, and the end result. However, like any business, money plays a key part at all stages. This course was created in conjunction with Pinewood Studios and examines the role of business in the film industry. It examines topics such as development, production, finance and distribution. 

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21. English for Academic Study

There is a high interest among Malaysian students when it comes to studying abroad. For those who hope to study in an English-speaking country, some preparation can go a long way. Coventry University developed this course to help prepare students for what’s to come. It covers key concepts and vocabulary relevant to university situations. 

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22. Environmental Justice

The environment is a pressing issue at the moment. Climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and deforestation are having a devastating impact. Not only do these all affect the environment, but there are also social and political implications. This course examines the principles of environmental justice, examining local struggles and practical techniques to empower communities. 

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23. Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving

We now live in a data-driven society. Just about every area of our lives is informed by a wealth of information. Although this data can be used for things like marketing and convenience, it can also be used to solve problems. The University of Leeds developed this course to look at some key data concepts. You’ll learn about the ethics of using people’s data, and how you can use it to find solutions. 

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24. Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Project management plays a central role in just about every business. As such, those who can successfully plan and manage projects are in high demand. In this course, you’ll learn some of the essential skills any good project manager needs. This includes everything from the planning stage to the execution of a successful project. 

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25. Management and Leadership: Leading a Team

Successful managers require all kinds of skills and traits. One of the most essential ones is leadership. The Open University Business School developed this course in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute. It goes into detail on how you can build, grow and support a successful team. Our learners have rated this course with 4.8 stars out of 5. 

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