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How to survive self-isolation – from people who’ve done it

Learn from people who’ve spent long spells in isolation how they managed their time alone – and how you can get through coronavirus quarantine.

What is quarantine and why is it effective?

Discover the history of quarantine, learn why it’s used to prevent the spread of infectious disease, and find out how to implement self-quarantine measures.

What is lockdown and what does it mean for you?

Discover what exactly lockdown means, where it’s been enacted, how it affects you – and whether it works.

What’s the difference between social distancing and self-isolation?

Get to grips with the difference between social distancing and self-isolation, and learn what the measures mean, who should be practising them and how.

Social distancing: Nine alternatives to Netflix parties

Stuck inside for the foreseeable? Here are nine things you can do to stay sociable, stay occupied, and stay sane.

COVID-19: The best resources for online teaching during coronavirus

Explore the varied ways teachers can support their students online, in the wake of the school shutdowns following the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Free coronavirus course for front-line health professionals

Join St George’s University of London’s free online course to get practical advice for responding to Covid-19 as a front-line healthcare professional.

COVID-19: The cultural impact of coronavirus

Learn about the impact coronavirus has had on the creative industries and media, leading to shutdowns and suspensions of events worldwide.

COVID-19: Working from home during coronavirus

Learn tips and techniques for maximising your productivity whilst working remotely, from online collaboration tools to setting up a designated workspace.