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You can now search for courses on FutureLearn

You can now search for courses you’re interested in on FutureLearn. In this post, our Product Manager, Keira Poland, explains the new feature, how we developed it and what’s next.

See who’s followed you, or liked or replied to your comments, with new on-site notifications

Our Social Lead, David Thair, introduces new on-site notifications, which make it easier to see who’s followed you on FutureLearn, or liked or replied to your comments. If you’re a FutureLearner, we hope you’d agree that learning through conversation is an important part of what makes learning with FutureLearn so special. We’re constantly making small…

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Introducing digital, shareable Statements of Participation

We’ve just made a range of improvements to our Statements of Participation, including a new design, updated wording and digital versions. Here, our Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains all. Since April 2014, we’ve offered printed Statements of Participation as a way to prove that you took part in a FutureLearn course. We know that thousands…

Redesigning FutureLearn’s Statements of Participation

This week, we’re launching a redesigned Statement of Participation with a new digital counterpart. In this post, our Visual Designer, Kieran McCann, gives an insight into the redesign process and our thinking behind the change. In the early days of FutureLearn, we introduced Statements of Participation to provide learners with the opportunity to celebrate their engagement…

Introducing new open, shareable steps in FutureLearn courses

We’ve recently made some of the steps within FutureLearn courses open, so that you don’t need to sign in to the site to see or share them. Here, our Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains how it works. As you’re moving through your courses, you might from time to time notice a little set of share…

Category: Using FutureLearn

Find your Activity, Replies and Progress faster, with new in-course navigation

If you’re currently taking a FutureLearn course you may have noticed new in-course navigation, which enables you to easily jump to different features of the course. Here, our Product Manager, Tessa Cooper, explains how it works. These great features have always existed, but they were hidden under the left-hand FutureLearn steps icon, so you might not…

Category: Using FutureLearn

How we designed FutureLearn’s new course categories

In October, our product manager, Tessa Cooper, introduced our new course categories. Here, our ‎Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, discusses how we came up with these categories and designed new pages for them. I’d like to share some of the design research process we use here at FutureLearn, to tackle various challenges, such as categorising our ever growing course portfolio. Organising…

The FutureLearn shop is now open

Today, we’ve opened an online shop, where you can find a small selection of FutureLearn merchandise, as well as souvenir posters for two of our courses. Here, Lucy Blackwell, our Creative Director, explains how the shop came about. A few months ago, we created some goodies to celebrate our first birthday, and give to the…

Find the subjects that interest you, with new course categories

You can now browse FutureLearn’s free online courses by category – for example, Business & Management or Health & Psychology. Here, our Product Manager, Tessa Cooper, introduces how it works. With over 130 free online courses now on FutureLearn, our course lists were becoming unmanageable and we increasingly found that learners wanted to browse courses in…

Category: Using FutureLearn